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We are Milwaukee based brand matchmakers, helping you to attract the "customer of your dreams" through research, strategy, and design. Like a good best friend, we help you to stay true to yourself, true to your mission, and true to your style so that you don't strike out with your ideal customer.

And yea... we design beautiful, yet intentional, identities for businesses too.

Make the first move.

We Follow a 3 Step Branding Process.

As human beings, we prefer interacting with other humans. That's why we believe businesses should stop acting like robots, and start acting like human beings.

Human beings don't just go around shouting "We're the cheapest" or "We're the most efficient," or our personal favorite, "We're the number one (blank) in all of (blank)."

It's time to breath life into business. That's where we come in. We help you assemble all the essential pieces that make up who you are, then work with you to create a living and breathing brand with a soul.

Using neuroscience and aesthetic intelligence, we help your brand attract and hold onto it's soul mate (or Target Customer in robot terms).

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Step 1

We get to know your company.

Like a good best friend we want to get to know you, challenge you, and encourage you. To do this, we need to sit down and clarify everything that makes you, you. Why are you doing what you are doing? How can your product or service make the world a better place? What opportunities could you be missing out on?

We put everything you've got on a whiteboard and see what sticks through a series of workshops. Together, we nail down your positioning statement, core values, competition, features, attributes, and most importantly, your personality. Only then, can we even begin to think about design.

Try answering these 20 questions to get started without me!

Step 2

We identify and get to know the "Customer of your dreams."

Once we nail you down, it's time to start looking for that special someone! We, quite literally, find your "The One." You can't and shouldn't try to market to everyone, so we identify the one person who is looking for what you provide, how you provide it.

How old are they? What do they do for a living? How much money do they make? What are they passionate about? Are they missing something that you provide?

Once we identify and get to know the "customer of your dreams," it's time to start wooing them!

Step 3

We help you "woo" them.

As Shakespeare once said while working for Men's Wearhouse, "You're gonna like the way you look."

We see companies all the time that need a serious makeover. Get taken seriously by your customers with design that says you aren't stuck in 1997. Stop making the same generic claim every other company in your market makes. You are better than your competition. Show it!

We help you to get your ass in gear with beautiful design and thoughtful messaging, so you don't strike out with the customer of your dreams!

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What people are saying about Artifex Branding.

Having a background in analytics & commercial banking I have supported and advised a lot of companies. I have always had a skeptical eye when it came to branding.

Artifex helped us go a lot deeper into our own exploration of who our true target market was and how building a BRAND can multiply whatever marketing or sales efforts we were already putting resources towards.

Despite already having millions in revenue, we have a cohesive strategy in how we communicate with our clients for the first time in 13+ years!

And sure...we got a great logo out of it too!

- Craig Clickner
Co-Owner, Tandem Consulting

Check out Tandem

Austin took a basic "Nextstep" name and defined it as a brand to appeal to our ideal constituency. His strategies were thoroughly developed and expertly reasoned.

Our Executive Team was impressed and excited by the flesh he put on the bones of the name. At the same time, and equally impressive, was his ability to receive feedback on the concept from our team and tweak it to even better reflect the fullness of our hopes for the brand.

- Jason Simon
President, The Evangelical Catholic Inc.

Check out Nextstep

When we hired Artifex, we were most interested in a new logo. However, after working with them in our strategy sessions, we decided on an entirely new approach of speaking to our clients focused on leveraging our deeper values and our relationship as an entrepreneurial couple.

Not only did Artifex design a logo that we love and help us with our messaging, but they even helped us come up with a new name and a new direction for our company.

It was a game changer!

- Carolyn Bohlig
Co-Owner, Tandem Consulting

Check out Tandem

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