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From Austin Franke
Founder / Brand Matchmaker

I sacrificed my life for a non-profit during the first 8 years of my professional career. I witnessed first hand the impact a mission has on the success of a company. My co-workers and I rallied around this mission, investing in our customer's very lives. When they cried, we cried with them! When they were unmotivated, we lit a fire under their ass! When times were tough, we fought for them!

What drove us? Something bigger than ourselves. We believed entirely in our ability to change the world with what we were doing. 

I left my job at this non-profit to fulfill a new calling to help others identify and lean into their mission through branding. 

There is power in great branding. We want to make sure it's not abused. Our mission is to infuse truth, goodness, and beauty into business by calling attention to passionate entrepreneurs who are focused on making a difference. We help drive home their mission with authentic messaging, integrity, and beautiful design.

If you are a passionate entrepreneur with a mission, let's talk!

Austin Franke, Founder and Brand Matchmaker at Artifex Branding

Why Artifex?

1. We don't just make pretty things. Visit any number of cheap logo design websites (99 Designs, Fiverr, etc.), you will find that the most intentionality they ever bring to the table is a short questionnaire. Often, even well established design agencies rely on their design skills as opposed to strategically thinking through your brand identity.

Sometimes, companies change their entire trajectory after we work with them. We don't play a guessing game with your brand and we don't rely on personal preference or the latest design trends that eventually go out of style.

2. We are a "one-service" branding agency. We are not a "full-service" agency for a reason. We have a singular focus, branding. Think of us as the foundation to all your marketing efforts. Don't waste your marketing budget on trial and error because you don't know how to speak to your customers.

Once we establish your brand, we will be happy to recommend some great marketing and design agencies that will see you through the rest of the way.

3. We are expert learners. We don't assume we know all the answers. We want to become "the experts" on your business, "the experts" in design, and "the experts" in branding. We will get there by learning.

Our History

ARTIFEX was initially founded in July, 2018 in order to bring more beauty into the world through commercial design.

As the company has grown, it’s passions have grown with it. In April of 2019, ARTIFEX evolved into a branding and identity design agency in order to provide more than just beautiful design.

We exist to match brands with their ideal customers by not only helping them to look good, but to establish a reputation as it’s customer’s go-to brand for their needs. From messaging to design, everything we do is oriented toward helping you attract the “customer of your dreams.”

Artifex Logo. Two boxes linked together. One box is outlined and the other is filled. This signifies that branding is matchmaking.

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