Branding Questions

Essential Branding Questions

Austin Franke - August 6, 2019

Branding is your company's #1 asset! Have you taken the time to define, clarify, and solidify your brand? If you have, is it still working for you? Are your employees on the same page with your vision?

The following 20 questions will help you to take a hard look at your company and determine if you need to nail down your brand further.

1. Why do you do what you do?
2. What mission is at the root of your product or service?
3. Who is already looking for what you are doing?
4. Which 1 customer are you catering all of your messaging to?
5. What does a typical day in the life look like for that 1 customer?
6. What unique problem does your company have a unique solution for?
7. When does your 1 customer encounter the problem you solve?
8. How does that problem make them feel?
9. What obstacles stand in the way of that 1 customer choosing your company?
10. What makes you unique from any other company selling the same commodity?
11. Who is your direct competition? (Who is targeting your 1 customer with the same solution you are?)
12. Who is your indirect competition? (Who is targeting your 1 customer with another product or service?)
13. Have you experienced trial and error in your sales calls or marketing? (Have you started down one path, only to pivot because it wasn't as effective as another?)
- Does your website and messaging reflect that pivot?
14. What keeps your 1 customer up at night?
15. What are your core values?
16. How does your approach differ from your direct competitors?
17. If your brand were a person, what type of person (profession, familial relationship, celebrity, etc.) would your brand be?
18. What does the future of your company look like in 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? Will your current brand work in this direction?
19. If your brand were to die because it fulfilled it's purpose and was no longer needed, what purpose would that be?
20. Are you actually following through on your brand promises? If not, how could you?

Through personalized brand workshops, I help you get to the bottom of what is already in your guts and nail it down so your customers and your employees aren't left wondering why you do what you do. Let's chat!

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