American Family vs Milwaukee Brewers

Will this go well for the American Family brand?

Austin Franke - August 27, 2019

What's in a name? If you ask a Milwaukee Brewers fan in the last couple months, a lot. That's why I propose that Miller Park becoming American Family Field or Park or whatever, is a risky move.

Now I have a confession. I'm not a Brewer's fan, I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan (you know, 11 World Series Titles. Those Cardinals). However, I've lived in Wisconsin for the last 8 years and I'm even a little upset about an Insurance company replacing a brewery on the front of a stadium. That's really what it comes down to isn't it? It's not about Miller as a brand. It's not about AmFam as a brand. It's about a brewery as a brand. Especially when a baseball team is named after brewers...

This is what the CEO of AmFam had to say about the move.

Jack Salzwedel Milwaukee Brewers
“This new partnership represents an important and powerful message to customers, our employees and American Family agency owners: We are a financially strong, customer-driven and community-minded company,”

- Jack Salzwedel, American Family Insurance Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Are you customer driven? Is this the move of a company that is community-minded?
Have you listened to your most loyal customers? Milwaukee Brewers fans?

And this is why I think naming a ball park after an insurance company, any insurance company, is a bold move that might not pan out well for AmFam.What are your thoughts?Will 2021 prove to be difficult for AmFam? Or do you think upset Brewers fans will forget within a couple of years, growing AmFam every time visitors see that sign driving by or go to a game? Will my brand suffer because I've revealed myself to be a Cardinals fan as a brand strategist who works for Wisconsin companies?

These are great questions!

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