The Nextstep brand.


• The greatest barriers to growth in faith are feeling overwhelmed and not having someone to walk with you.

• The target audience least invested in their faith are single males between the ages of 20-35 years old. They have begun to solidify bad habits and are often not open to changing until they are married with children. We wanted Nextstep to appeal to this target market so that they weren’t turned off by it. This also allows Nextstep to differentiate itself in the market as most other Catholic formation tools target the “lowest hanging fruit.”

•  The Evangelical Catholic didn’t want Nextstep to be lofty or over your head. They also wanted to emphasize that discipleship isn’t lame, but rather a life changing and exciting experience. We used the words “human” and “adventure” as a compass in defining the Nextstep brand.

• The guiding compasses of “human” and “adventure” weren’t just applied to the brand, but the actual product as well. Videos were interviews of disciples simply describing their experiences in a down to earth way. These videos were also shot in a comfortable living room with a fire place to emphasize that the videos are a respite while you continue on your adventure. We titled this video series “Nextstep Basecamp.”

• In our future planning and brand architecture exercises, we identified several possibilities for an extension of the Nextstep brand including, the video series titled “Nextstep Basecamp,” a book and other in-hand resources titled “Nextstep Roadmap,” a series of nationwide retreats called “Nextstep Summit,” as well as resources for couples called “Nextstep Couples.”

Nextstep Logo. Tagline - Discipleship is a series of next steps. Logo is one single step in yellow. Blue background. This is the Nextstep brand logo.Nextstep Brand Architecture. Each resource of Nextstep uses the logo in unique ways to distinguish themselves.App mockup for Nextstep. Incorporates adventure into the Nextstep brand by using mountain imagery.Example journal using the Nextstep Logo.Example bag using the Nextstep Logo.
Artifex Logo. Two boxes linked together. One box is outlined and the other is filled. This signifies that branding is matchmaking.

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