The Tandem Brand.


• The biggest insight gleaned from our strategy workshop with Tandem Consulting, was that Craig & Carolyn (the owners) were missing out on a huge opportunity to brand themselves as a couple. When facilitating an exercise on brand personality, we noticed that both Craig & Carolyn (separately) had identified their brand’s personality akin to celebrity couples. While Carolyn wrote down Michelle Obama as a similar personality type, Craig identified Barack. Both identified Dave and Rachel Hollis (a husband and wife coaching team) as well in the exercise. This led us in a radically new direction for their company and their brand moving forward.

• We identified the “customers of their dreams” as Will and Mallory. A single male and female who were future focused on providing the best experience for their future family. We recognized that, despite Craig and Carolyn being married, their ideal customer was not couples. Rather, they were single individuals who wanted a family in the future, but had the time now to build a new income stream for themselves. Therefore, family is a common theme throughout the Tandem brand.

• Through listening to Craig and Carolyn’s stories, we identified that their passive income model, while providing them with more money, really provided them with peace of mind and the freedom to build their own custom family dynamic. For them, this meant a life of travel and starting a non-profit. We eventually came to the conclusion that this was the key attribute that Will and Mallory were looking for as well. As a result, travel is another common theme in the brand.

• We recognized that Tandem’s past and present clients don’t care how they diversify their income, as long as their income allows them to live a happy and fulfilled life. From this insight we decided specifically to not target individuals who are passionate about starting their own companies, but rather individuals who are looking for an additional income stream that can be scaled to fit the life they desire.

• When we started working with Tandem Consulting, they were under a different name. That name, Click Global, LLC, didn’t reflect the new direction of their brand. Craig and Carolyn’s exact quote: “If we had to describe our company in two words, we wouldn’t use the word click or global.” It was time for a new name. We worked with them to come up with a name that was a little playful, reflected their new brand as a couple, and described the relationship between them and the “customer of their dreams.” We landed upon Tandem Consulting. A lot better right?

Tandem Consulting Logo. Blue against teal. The Tandem brand logo is the letter T split in half with a circle around it. This signifies that Tandem works with you but helps you to be independent.Branded graphic with the following text: Why Tandem? To Will and Mallory, Tandem Consulting is the only automated income model that provides the building blocks and guidance to take control of their life. Because no one should have to choose between their career and their family.Website mockup of the Tandem Website on different devices. The Tandem brand featuring an old station wagon in the woods with the text, Choose your own adventure. The image is faded like it was taken in the 60s.Mobile mockup of the Tandem site. Images show the logo on one phone with two kids in the woods. Blue overlay. The other phone shows pictures of the Tandem owners, Craig and Carrie with their kids.

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